Information And Public Relations

Information & Public Relations enables the people to keep themselves well informed and facilitates their participation in the process of socio-economic development by offering a wide choice of opinion and alternative to decide on various local, regional and national issues. The department of information and Public Relations envisages for itself an effective role in empowerment of people by providing a free flow of information. 

The history of the Information and Public Relations department dates back to the time of the monarchy. It was one of the premier departments, but known by a different name. It was then known as the Publicity Department. There are no written histories on the department to support the same. However, interacting with retired senior bureaucrats along with some official news bulletin of the Sikkim Darbar, have helped in recapitulating the history of the department.


What we today know as Information and Public Relations Department was once called the Publicity Department during the early sixties (indicated by the print line of Sikkim Herald dated June 1964 (Annexure 1). In the seventies, the name changed to Directorate of Information Service (as printed in the print line of Sikkim Herald of 1971, (Annexure 2). Press and Publicity Department (print line of Sikkim Herald of 1976). Subsequently, in keeping with the directives of the Government of India, the Department was renamed as the Information and Public Relations Department in 1978 and it stands so till date.


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Current Events 

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